Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas Cards

At home for the christmas break, I decided to start it off by being creative with my screen printing set and glitter!


A 2 day project set in the letterpress studio. We were each given a number to represent, in a way that didn't use the number directly. I had the number 26. I found a 26 letter word in the Italian language 'precipitevolissimevolmente' which means as fast as possible. I tried to express this meaning by repeating the word several times to give an arrow effect. I then offset the text and printed it in another colour to enhance the idea of 'moving fast'.

5 books/5 pounds

A project set by George Hardie - to produce 5 books with a budget of £5.

I produced 5 books based on the idea of pound weight. I made each book so that it weighed 1lb and each page in the books weighed 1oz making a total of 16 pages per book (16oz to 1lb). A simple design throughout with a lot of time spent in the screen printing and letterpress studios.
It was really nice to produce something that was hands on and not all computer based.

The crit was very inspiring. There was a very high standard of work completed across Graphics and Illustration.

Travelling to Brighton

Playing around with my camera whilst travelling in the car to Brighton.

Final Collection

My final collection for print textiles extension study, and possible christmas presents?